Download a boatload of images in an instant with Image Downloadr. Lots of new features and performance improvements in the NEW version 3.0!

Get the best image downloader, free!

A fresh instance of Image Downloadr awaiting your command.
Image Downloadr in action! As you can see, the interface is stupid simple.
Need to get a whole bunch of images of a whole bunch of things? Make/generate a list like this and use GiD's import feature to load it all up at once.
  • Filter Your Images

    Just like Google

    Options to filter by rights, color and size plus three different safe search modes. Since the Google Image API limits you to 64 images per search by selecting multiple settings you can create up to 1512 different searches for the same word or phrase.

  • Safety

    No malicious websites

    Never visit another malicious website trying to get full sized images again! Image Downloadr eliminates the risk and keeps you from going anywhere that might be potentially dangerous.

  • Ridiculously Fast

    Batch downloads, everything automatic

    Type in a word or phrase and press enter. Done. Have a whole bunch of search criteria? Try the batch mode which allows you to simply select a file with a word or phrase on each line and it will automatically add them all and get to work!